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The things in life that matter, that impact us long after we have been exposed to them, typically come with a lesson, some encouragement, or the support of a parent, teacher, loved one, coach, mentor, or close friend. When it comes to your financial wellbeing and financial success the same may not be true. All too often individuals are left to figure out how to navigate their financial lives with little or no direction, a lack of resources, and without a place to turn for guidance. 

A college degree, and the experiences gained while attending college will better leverage an individual in the direction of success — but it is not guaranteed. That same degree when coupled with financial literacy and a high degree of financial wellbeing forms a more complete picture of what is needed to successfully and passionately undertake all stages of life. 

UNC Charlotte recognizes this need and is here to provide programming, resources, education, and guidance with regard to the key components of financial success. Click on any of the topics above to begin your journey toward becoming more financially literate. Once you have familiarized yourself with the key components, we encourage you to go a little deeper and attend a workshop, have an individual coaching session, or explore the more detailed self guided Green to Gold Learning Modules.



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